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Welcome to the next-gen of nudist social media, designed for naturists on their quest to enjoy life without clothes. This is where you can share your experiences, tips, and ideas about nudity, clothing-optional living, nudism, and all related things.
Just Naturism is an online naturist nudist community platform that is dedicated to connecting people that practice naturism and nudism. It also aims to provide a safe space where everyone can feel accepted and not be afraid of showing their bodies.

Why Just Naturism?

Nancy JN
Nancy A. The founder of Just Nudism and Just Naturism

Our Mission

Become a part of our movement today!

Our commitment to creating a movement where people can accept the term “asexual nudity” and the nudist lifestyle is why we’re asking every member of our community to share their voice, promote nudist places, and show that you’re part of the Asexual Nudist Movement.

Our philosophy

Freedom through nudity

Nudity has been a contentious issue for centuries. It’s time we stop hiding and start celebrating what makes us natural. Be proud of who you are and the skin you’re in.

Nudity is often seen as a sin and something that should be hidden from the public eye. But nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s an integral part of our being. In fact, it’s a celebration of life and our natural state as humans. We all have skin, so why should we be ashamed?

Nudity is not only about sexiness or perversion but about freedom to do what feels right for us without being judged by society or anyone else in the world.

We should all feel free to express our true selves without any restrictions

What is the difference between Just Nudism and Just Naturism?

JustNaturism.com is a sister site for JustNudism.Net, which has the same general philosophy but a different business model. While Just Nudism would like to be a regular social media for nudists, we at Just Naturism focus on providing quality naturist content and promoting naturist lifestyle by providing the most relevant information about nudity and nudism.

The world of nudism is growing by the day and it’s about time we offer our members the chance to access both sites at a discounted price. As such, we are pleased to announce a transfer-membership option for all our users that will allow them to browse on both sites without having to pay twice! With thousands of nudists have joined JustNudism, and thankfully, our growing membership has made it possible for us to offer this choice.

Clothes don't make the man. Naked people have the dignity to respect human freedom openly and genuinely.