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Body acceptance

Put your insecurities to rest here on Just Naturism - even the most ordinary body types are celebrated in our nudist community. There's no judgement when you're nude!


Our community is all about embracing everything we are without shame or guilt. We want to help erode the stigma surrounding nudism by demystifying what it means.


Nudity is the freedom to be you. Part of philosophy of being human means being free to be whatever shape, size and color that we want, that's the essence of Naturism.

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Just Naturism is the world’s leading nudist website, where everyone lives the nudist lifestyle at their peak. It provides everything you need to live a happy, confident, and healthy nudist life.

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Mixed feelings: nudity and shame

Anyone who stands naked in public in front of strangers is usually ashamed. But why?
Sociologists still debate whether this feeling is innate or conditioned by our civilization: Shame.

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Baring the Soul Nudism's Crossroads of Religion and Atheism
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Baring the Soul: Nudism’s Crossroads of Religion and Atheism

In the realm of philosophical and ideological exploration, there are often unexpected intersections that challenge our preconceived notions. One such intriguing convergence lies at the crossroads of nudism, religion, and atheism. These seemingly disparate concepts provoke curiosity and invite us to delve deeper into their underlying principles and beliefs.

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