My envy and sadness based upon a documentary I watched

I had the chance to view a documentary that followed a young naturist named Carina.

Carina is a young naturist woman who was introduced to the lifestyle of naturism by her boyfriend and she now lives in Colina Do Sol a full-fledged Naturist village (The only one of its kind in Latin America) in southern Brazil.

This documentary made me very envious of Carina’s life. in this village, from what I was able to understand (I will link the source) People can make a living in the village without the need to leave, without the need to deal with the hustle of the big cities

After having viewed this documentary I have been left with profound envy and sadness,

Envy in the fact that there is a place in the world where Naturists can live in their own self-sustaining community but sadness in the knowledge that there is nothing remotely close to Colina Do Sol in North or Central America.

Colina Do Sol looks like a paradise and a way of life many people wish they could have.

link is below

My envy and sadness based upon a documentary I watched

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i hear you Craig, it would be marvellous to be able to spend time in such a naturist place and even more amazing to actually live in such a way. Im sure it is the dream of many of us here