Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Photos & Videos Guidelines

  • Genital-Only and Genital-Focused shots are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, media taken from lower angles, as well as aroused/sexual shots.
  • Pictures shared must be yours, please do not share someone else’s photos/videos.
  • Do not share offensive media.
  • Full frontal shots must include your face, up to the mouth at the very least. Blurring and using smiley faces to cover your face is completely fine, as we do not want you to feel uncomfortable. Please note that if you intend to use blurs or covers, those must also follow the community guidelines.
  • Do not share photos/videos that include other website’s logos or links! (If you’re looking to advertise, please click here!)
  • No Child Nudity, this includes anyone under 18 years of age. Breaking this guideline leads to permanent suspension.
  • No Solicitation.
  • Avatars and photos have a size limit of 2Mbs. Videos have a size limit of 25Mbs.
  • Damaged files will be removed.

Posts & Comments

  • Follow our website Terms and Conditions!
  • Comments that include media should follow our Photos & Video Guidelines.
  • No harassing, trolling, pornographic (e.g. external sexual links) , or sexual posts or comments. Please be nice and respectful of others.
  • Do not make an uncomfortable environment with your posts!
  • Do not act like spam! (Spamming activities may vary from sharing outside chat links to sharing phone numbers, sharing emails …etc.)

Chatroom Guidelines

  • No Incest Conversations.
  • No Sexual Activities on the webcam. (Touching, Masturbation, …etc)
  • No “Genital Only” webcams.
  • No Genital Focused Webcams. (The angle of the webcam should not be focused on the crotch area).
  • No Solicitation
  • Don’t share external sexual links.
  • Be respectful, Be nice.
  • Zero Tolerance policy for trolling, harassing, intimidating, being rude, or being pushy to other members.
  • We recommend that your chat to stay away from political and religious topics.
  • Please take into consideration that the admins have access to all the messages in the chatroom.
  • We ask our members to report any behavior that goes against our guidelines.


Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to a permanent account removal. 

Paid members who violate our Terms and Conditions and/or our The Community Guidelines, are not eligible for a refund. Please read our refund policy!