Nudist Fiction Can Be Better

Lemme start this off by saying, I understand that there might not be a huge market for nudist or naturist fiction. This is already something of a fringe-ish movement that doesn’t get a lot of attention, outside perverts, gawkers, and curiosity-seekers (the latter of which is easier to talk to). That also doesn’t mean there aren’t great works about nudist creators, by and for nudists, and the general public. However, browsing the Kindle Store on Amazon, we start to see the problems. It’s not just the erotica or porn with titles that come right out of 50s & 60s B-movies like, “My Sister, The Nudist!” or “Nympho Nudists”. Beyond that, the choices get thinner. Let’s get this clear; PZ Walker, Ted Bun, and Will Forest, the Big 3, are all doing a heck of a job. Don’t think I’m forgetting about you either, Martin Brant. However, outside of all four men, the choice gets even thinner. There’s still stuff out there, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve had to DNF a few books that were either written poorly, had bad formatting, or were just not edited thoroughly. Not only that, apologies to some authors, but I can’t identify with an old man going through a midlife crisis, and I’m sure other authors of my generation can’t, either. And it’s frustrating because I want to read nudist fiction, it’s just… we have to do better. And let’s not forget how Overly Sarcastic Productions made fun of Robert A. Heinlein’s nudism pontificating in their review of “Stranger in a Strange Land“. I think it’s fairly obvious, that if nudism, naturism, or the advocation of casual nudity is to become more popular, then fiction will have to lead the way. Granted, that’s easier said than done. I could probably write a manuscript about a couple just out of college, suffering mental health problems who recover thanks to nudism, but a mainstream publisher would laugh at me. Or they might not. I wonder if I should try… In any case, nudist fiction has to do better. Those writers I mentioned earlier shouldn’t stop writing just because some newbie eedjit wrote a blog post. And that eedjit also needs to pick up the slack and write his own nudist fiction (Why yes, I am talking to myself!) But there may or may not be an audience out there that wants to read books about people getting naked in non-sexual situations, or stories where the characters are all naked. Small things, like writing prompts, short story collections/contests (Walker, Bun and Forest have already done four collections, so hats off to them), and other things. Wattpad is popular with the Youngins, so a nudist-themed Wattpad circle could help. Will these work? I have no idea. But please don’t be mad at me. I’m shouting into the void.

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