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February 13
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Hi fellow nudists / naturists
A recent change for me ( Mar 2021 ) is that after being married for 20+ years im now divorced.
I have been into nudism since I was 10 or 11, at first just sleeping naked but then any time I could be naked in my own room or around the house when I knew my parents would be away. Since then Ive enjoyed nude times more and more. I enjoy nature and the beach, any outdoor stuff really, camping etc as well as the finer things in life. Good food, good wine, good company.
I am also a registered ANF member.

If it were possible, Id prefer to live my life clothing free as i feel it is healthy, comfortable, uplifting and so wonderfully natural and all embracing. Not to mention levelling.
I do have a life outside of being a nudist and I enjoy conversing with others about life in general as well as about nudism.
I look forward to expanding my circle of friends who also hopefully enjoy nudism / naturism as well

New South Wales