How did I come to practice the naked way of life?

How did I come to practice the naked way of life?

There were two main reasons. First, I have very sensitive skin. For as long as I can remember me, from my earliest childhood, I have been very uncomfortable with the feeling of clothes touching my body. Secondly, I was a very fat kid as a child. I was fed a lot by my caring mother and was teased at school as “pie”. When I reached puberty age and started loving girls, I was very ashamed of my clumsy body and terribly afraid to meet …

When I became a college student, I took up sports and with great difficulty was able to lose weight… But the complex of “not liking” of my body and feeling low self-esteem has stayed with me for all my life.

Now I’m 58, and looking back, I realize that not liking my body has ruined my whole life. If I had been different, I would have had things differently….. But better later than never…
When I played sports, I exposed my body in the gym and in the locker room and I loved this feeling. When I was 22 I got completely naked in nature the first time. I was alone at that time. Then we swam naked with my friends in the river and in the sea (it was at night). And in 2019 I did my first naked photo shoot.

I realized that all my life I had lived in conflict with my body now. I realized that my body is also me! And I began to love my body, because I have one, and it is mine! And I will never have another body! The nude photo shoot did a great thing – it united my body and my soul into one being! We don’t have to live in hatred or shame about our bodies for the rest of our lives! The shame of nakedness is a mental perversion! People should not be ashamed or afraid of their naked bodies. We are born naked into this world, and naked we go to the grave. Every naked body (man or woman, young or old) is beautiful! Clothes are a false mask with which we want to hide our true face. Only a naked person is sincere and honest. He doesn’t lie because he has nothing to hide. Only a naked man has true freedom. That is why I want to be naked and free together with other naked and free people!

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